My open source Instagram bot got me 2,500 real followers for $5 in server costs

This was one of the best reads here on medium so far!

I really like the statistics-driven approach of your article. I imagine, seeing numbers gave you real motivation to continue on your project.

I am not really interested in Instagram itself, but the part of finding html elements and interacting with them is what I loved to read about.

In my everyday job, I am forced to use TimeSheet. For lucky people who don’t know what it is: it’s just a tool for company to store information on what was done, when, and by who.

The problem is, the tool is very irritating to use, slow, non-intuitive, taking to much time to complete simple task, and doesn't allow for any “smart” auto-filling of repetitive tasks. The good thing, TimeSheet UI is html based, and accessed via browser :)

So I ended up writing my own Chrome plugin, which I feed with data from Google Spreadsheet, where I keep track of my work hours and tasks. The main advantage is that I can now copy task names, descriptions and so on. Also, I can fill-in data for a whole week or even month in one place, without page reloading constantly (opposite of TimeSheet), which took ages. Plugin now does that for me, when I take my coffee break.

I ended up going from 5 minutes daily, to about 2 minutes weekly.

So what I basically wanted to tell you: thanks for writing about Selenium — that’s exactly the tool I needed to make my automation tool transfer to python:)

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