Everything can be achieved if you want it very much.

Interview with young but very good freestyler from Poland!

Tell us something about yourself.

My name is Maciek Leja, freestyle football is my passion and joy of life. I train over four years.

What made you decide to try train freestyle football?

At first I started playing football, but after 6 years playing football I noticed that it was pulling me to do tricks with the ball. With time, I began to notice that freestyle football is a sport for me. By doing single combinations and tricks, I felt that it was fortunate that freestyle football was an unusual sport and without any rules or restrictions. There is no coach here — you just go out and play what you want, you create your style of play, you play what you like and it is beautiful.

What is your best memory of your previous freestyle adventure?

The greatest moment in my freestyle adventure was making my first PATW at the 2016 Freestyle Cup. There were many freestylers around me, and when I made my first PATW, everyone threw me and started congratulating me. It was something beautiful for me, then I felt I could do more!

Many people I know admire you for the approach to this sport, you can see that at every workout you focus the maximum, so you can notice a huge progression. What is your view on freestyle football?

My approach to freestyle football shaping the view is that if you want to achieve something, you must be persistent and not lose heart. No matter how much effort you spend on making a combination or a trick, it counts that you know you can do it, believe in your abilities, and do not give up. I recommend this approach — with such a view I do not delete my ability and I know that everything can be achieved if you want it very much.

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