First-time founder’s reflections on growth, “options” and good rules to follow (intro)

Having secured Series B and stabilized the operations, things got a bit more manageable. There are more challenges and they are ever more ambitious but within the reach.

There have been some good lessons along the way:

1. Exponential organic growth exists more often in Excel than in real life (design of an exponential business is definitely possible but damn tough to execute successfully with lots of other forces at play)

2. Instead you need to keep re-inventing the business model, the product and the sales channels to push the growth trajectory

3. More importantly, look out for non-conventional “options” — ways to take your business to the next level. Build long-term value and defensibility through such “options”

4. Run lean and robust operations — together with “options”, it will help to keep the business antifragile

5. Serve your clients first but push hard to stay 3 steps ahead of your competitors. Do not follow, set the example, let others try to copy you

6. Strive to achieve win-win solutions for your key stakeholders — team members, clients and shareholders. Be creative if you need to. Not even because it’s good for the business but because that’s the right thing to do — they deserve it

7. When damage happens, take control of the situation, resolve it swiftly and “on to the next one”. Stay sharp and focused

8. Be ready to get f.cked daily, likely multiple times a day. It rarely feels glamorous

I will deep dive on some of the ideas mentioned above in the future posts. They will not be frequent but hopefully insightful and always 100% honest.

Appreciate any feedback. All the best in 2018!

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