The story

After the preparation to SEC and the conference itself, I felt this is indeed what I wanted to do — talk on events. So I replied to multiple CFP and DevOpsDays Warsaw accepted my ignite talks.

Ignite talks

If you are not familiar with this format, let me explain it a little. Ignite talks are fast, 5 minutes speeches whose subjects are less strict. Due to the time given, it is really fun, and performances are more focused on being amusing than informative. And that is cool 😊

So, my two ignite talks were selected: “What is wrong with Dev*Ops”, and “Dev, I am your DevOps”

EPAM Systems helped me a lot with everything related to the conference, so all preparations were definitely easier.

Wednesday before the conference

Wednesday evening. I received an email from the organizers. One of the presenters is sick and they wish to know if I’m still ready to present a ‘full’ talk. Well, of course! I did a review of what I have, and went to sleep.


I woke up in the morning and… I could barely speak. Throat infection. Perfect. What could go wrong… Fast decision: seeing the doctor, strong medicines, a sick note and hope that I would recover till Monday.


I didn’t feel very well in the morning, but well enough to go to the conference. So I caught my train and I came to Warsaw around noon.

Most of the time I spent talking with people at the exhibitors’ area. During those two days I had great chats with people from Gitlab, OLX and Nordea. I noticed, my discussions about DevOps are going more and more in the cultural direction than technologies itself. And it is good, this is where I want to go: to build the DevOps mindset.

Ignite talks

My first talk. “What is wrong with Dev*Ops?”. Yes, this is a very important topic for me, as I do not believe in any addition to DevOps, like DevTestOps, DevSecOps, etc. It is just the misunderstanding about what DevOps is.

“What is wrong with Dev*Ops?”, photo by DevOpsDays Warsaw

I had 5 minutes to present my opinion. During the talk, I encountered some sound problems three times, so I’m not sure how long my talk actually was 😊. Nevertheless, it was successful and enjoyable for the people, and I have evidence it was somehow refreshing.

Hopefully my talk was enjoyable :), photo by DevOpsDays Warsaw

Open Space Session

I’m a big fan of Open Spaces. I can say that for me it is the most valuable part of each conference. I proposed the discussion about my topic from Ignite talks session, and I’m very happy with the output. Around 10 people discussed the problem. We tried to understand more deeply, where we are making mistakes, what really DevOps means for different positions in organizations etc. It was really an enjoyable and fruitful time for me. Thank you all of you, who join this session!

Open Space Session, photo by DevOpsDays Warsaw


As a ‘full-time speaker’, I was invited to the afterparty with dinner. So, fast visit in the hotel to check-in (I received a welcome drink, and it was very, very tasty 😊 ), and I went to the venue.

Trying to look smart. Barely succeeded ;) , photo by DevOpsDays Warsaw

A lot of very interesting discussions there. It was a very, very enjoyable time. I appreciate the most a challenging discussion about Agile, planning, estimations and story points. It was really hard. I hope I satisfied my interlocutor at least a little with my answers.


This day didn’t start very well… My illness tried to win with me and it was very close to do so as I could hardly speak. After a tough morning, I eventually showed up at the conference.


My talk “The Road to the Continuous Monitoring” gathered the second highest number of people during the whole conference. That is an achievement for me. I still have many things to improve, but due to fact I’ve only been doing public speeches for three months, I’m pretty satisfied with my performance.

“The road to the Continuous Monitoring”. I’m working on v2 of this talk. Photo by DevOpsDays Warsaw

Of course, the talk was not exactly what 100% of the audience wanted to hear. It is obvious, no one can simply satisfy 100% of audience. But as a kind of anticipation of it, I said at the beginning that my target is to move some synapses in your heads, trigger the thinking process, and not discuss tools in great detail.

My biggest audience up to date, photo by DevOpsDays Warsaw

After the talk I got very good direct feedback from listeners. We spent a lot of time discussing all possible aspects of “the road”, how to achieve better monitoring approach, etc. I think around 20 people discussed this topic with me. It was and it is still a great feeling 😊

Ignite talks again

At the end of my participation in the conference, I delivered my second ignite talk — “Dev, I am you DevOps!” about the cooperation models. It wasn’t as funny as a first one, but still, I think I made some impact.

“Dev, I am your DevOps!” ignite talk, photo by DevOpsDays Warsaw

I have to mention two other ignites which were just perfect. One was about crazy products and the other about how to destroy proper approaches. They almost made me cry with laughter.

Journey home

As the conference finished, I went to the station and back home. I had to go the longer route, but I’m not complaining, no. I even was happy, as I had the opportunity to go by the train which was new for me. So, my trainspotting soul was satisfied😊 .


Great conference. The organizers did an amazing job. I think I did a great job too with my talks and Open Space session. Also, I spent a fabulous time on discussions with people. And I think, I have established a good connection, which would be very profitable during the DevOpsDays Krakow.

DevOps in Agile way.