I was being a little tongue in cheek there…what I meant is that mathematics are about calculus…
Al Black

Well that makes it clearer :) But to be hones when I was on 3rd year of math we were doing almost none calculations whatsoever. Actually whole time were proving theorems and exploring new possibilities. When it comes to Topology, Set Theory (to include or not include C in ZFC), Calculus other than Riemann or Lebesgue (like Marczewski), Combinatorial Set Theory exploring Suslin Hypothesis or Martin Axiom, then actual calculation are rather small part of the whole stuff boiling there. Problem solving at the finest. Creating layer of abstraction which later on can be used to cover some real life examples.

And to be more honest as a Mathematician I am bit allergic when someone says to me that all we do is mostly calculating stuff. I have seen guys one leg in abstraction and other in reality having great achievements in mentioned fields and none of them were doing any calculus or anything similar :)

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