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Testing automation done right

Many of today’s mobile applications display customized content to user, base on dynamic parameters. The Azimo application is no different.

With our mobile platform, our customers can transfer money to almost every country all over the world. There are literally thousands of combinations of sending and receiving countries, payments, and delivery methods.

Combinations of these parameters can be a big challenge for the QA engineering team. Ideally, every possible case should be covered. That’s why It’s not the best idea to test this type of functionality manually. We need to write test automation not to do this tedious work over and over again. …

Automated testing of push notifications on iOS

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New software features need to be tested in a variety of different ways. If you don’t do thorough tests, you will break things. When you break things, you lose customers.

At the same time, no company has infinite resources. At Azimo, for instance, we assume that new functionality will be tested manually only once. For the rest, we rely on automated testing.

Why have we invested so much time and money in building automated testing software? Because it saves time and allows us to test more thoroughly than any human could.

Let’s imagine that before each application release, we had to manually test all functionality. Not only would the work be incredibly tedious, but we would risk mistakes thanks to human error. …

How to test your iOS apps with Xcode 10 effectively

As the only person responsible for testing the Azimo iOS app, I encounter problems of all sizes. When I started at Azimo nearly four years ago, testing was 100% manual. A full test cycle could take up to two days 😱. Some functionality wasn’t tested at all, let alone on different devices and operating systems.

These days, only 15% of our testing is manual. Automation has made us faster and more efficient. In 2018, we 99.9% of our users were crash-free. Due to the complexity of our application, however, a full test cycle took around eight hours. More than half of this time was taken up by automated tests. …


Paweł Zemsta

QA at Azimo

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