6 o’clock

Sunday 6 o’clock, the alarm starts. Yawn, and stretch, and I’m up. This week another experiment started: go to bed, and then wake up every single day at the same time. Desired target: 7.5 hours.

My body didn’t rebel in the morning, even though I slept only 6.5 hours. The sun is already up, full of a milk-in-water mist. It’s eerie, I love it.

The new me, I start with water, two 250ml glasses. It feels good, refreshing, nurturing. Being more mindful about myself, and the sack of meat that carries me around, I started noticing that water in the morning is better than the coffee. I’m either one of the lucky ones that don’t get addicted to caffeine (poor chance if you asked me), or the morning water is worth its salt ;-)

Sitting on the sofa, I pick up my “$100 Startup” book, inspiration time. Just before that, checked out some Eurovision songs on YouTube, my guilty pleasure for today. But if nobody saw that, did it really happen?

I feel my awareness raising, it’s like the water is washing out the morning drowsiness. Words on the book pages make more sense, and my usual focus is back. Feels good.

It’s time for the Daily Calm session, today’s topic is self-nurturing. Speaker tells me with a soothing voice that everyone needs to nurture oneself, and I couldn’t agree more. May is a Mental Health Month, a coincidence?

I can see the end of my current bend in the road. Waking up in the morning feels good again, there’s this staring at the sky excitement. This experiment is going to stay.