What we learned, where we failed and how we improved our process.

EventStorming is becoming a more and more popular technique for modeling processes and resolving complicated problems in software. In this workshop, you and other people will write issues and ideas on sticky notes and hang it on the wall to share the knowledge and find the best solution.

In eMAG, we still learn how to do it right. We’ve made a lot of mistakes and failed many times. However, each time we learned our lessons and improved a bit. In this article I’m going to share with you our EventStorming experiences in practice and useful tips and tricks.

If you’ve…

We don’t care about personal development in the IT world. Soft skills? They are for dummies and non technical people but not for us. We are the software developers, testers, network administrators — we are engineers and we love learning. Our passion is discovering new technologies, new frameworks or programming languages but we don’t even think about “wasting” time on personal development. Sounds familiar?

I’ve worked in IT for more than ten years. I’m a programmer, team leader and a guy who puts a lot of effort in trying to understand the business. In my spare time I created three…

Paweł Rekowski

Technical Team Leader in eMAG, Trainer, Online courses author, Speaker, and hunter of effective ways how to Feel, Look and Live #Better

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