Day 1 as a product designer

I got an internship opportunity to serve as a product designer for a genius team although i have none direct experience .It works because my personality is quite tune with theirs i guess and i’m very lucky!

The boss gave me good advice on how a greener should grow:

  • play and think other products so i try out Trello,instagram,telegram,slack,gmail,medium(yes,here i am),twitter,facebook,native apps in iphone to feel what a digital product is like.
  • View app prototypes in Behance

i planned to rush in learning swift since i was most anxious about communicating with programmers.My leader told me that there’s no need and no shortcut handling the whole software architecture in the beginning. That’s really correct.I was so anxious maybe influenced by those rumors saying that programmer and product always call each other’s names.”Ask the developer whether the feature could be done.If she responses negatively,ask where the problem lies and try another better developer.”

Be a product designer is very challenging.I’m not afraid as long as i own a simple heart to design something great.

So lucky to work with genius.

On the 1st day as a product designer,I want to alert myself with 1st simple principle:


One won’t say love promptly once one really loves.

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