What should you do next, and why is chocolate toxic for dogs?

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You can feel your heart plummet straight from its cushioned home inside of your chest right out the soles of your feet. You’ve just watched your dog’s nose disappear from the edge of the counter preceded momentarily by the last piece of cake you’d laid out for your guests.

You start to hurry towards the other end of the counter, but you know that by the time you arrive it will be too late.

You’re correct.

Your pup stares at you innocently, as if asking, “What cake?”

This wouldn’t have been an issue if you hadn’t made your world-renowned German…

Here are some highlights of the experience and what I learned.

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I have always tried my best to stay fit, but I am by no means an expert in exercise. I try to work out either with weight lifting or some form of cardio at least three times per week, more if I’m up to it. While I don’t succeed every week, this is a good baseline to keep me feeling healthy and happy.

So, when my wife mentioned the idea of wanting to do a 30-day yoga challenge at the start of the new year. I agreed *almost* right away! …

Do dogs dream, and what do they dream about?

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We’ve all seen it before. The adorable twitches of the paws or kicking of the legs as our pup sleeps soundly in their bed. We’ve heard the subtle whimpers or yelps while their eyes remain firmly shut. A gentle shake, pat on the shoulder, or a soft mention of their name usually rouses them from their slumber. They’ll scan the room as if returning from an unfamiliar place before settling back to their normal personality.

Recently, my own dog, Feta had a bit of an unusual moment in the middle of the night. My wife and I awoke to her…

Here are a few boxes to check before starting on your path to veterinary school and joining this profession.

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It’s a phrase that many of us have uttered to our parents at some point during our childhood. It’s an all too common response to the age-old question that children get asked as they age — what do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to be a veterinarian. I want to work with animals and play with puppies all day long.

It’s a noble cause and, from an unbiased standpoint, I personally think it’s one of the best jobs in the world. I don’t believe there is any other option in medicine where you can go…

When dealing with student loans, it all starts with defining your fixed costs and identifying your priorities.

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Graduate school is one of the best experiences that life has to offer. It is an opportunity to expand your knowledge and achieve personal fulfillment as you enter the adult world. It does; however, come with a few notable tradeoffs. For one, you have to commit an additional 2–4 years to your overall higher education which translates to more time not collecting a salary. Additionally, the costs of graduate school can be quite high and you may or may not receive funding to help offset these costs.

In general, there are two financial categories of graduate level of education. The…

Professional Advice

What to do when this inevitably happens to you.

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Similar to our fingernails, dogs are equipped with nails of their own. In dogs and cats, they are more appropriately referred to as claws. The total number that they have ranges from 16–20 depending on if they’re blessed with dewclaws or not. The potential issues that come with having claws are effectively the same as what we face with our nails.

For starters, they require trimming from time to time to keep them from overgrowing. I was recently faced with a more dramatic problem than a simple prophylactic nail trim, though. In the late evening, I received a text message…

My thoughts on, “The classic novel of life and death in an American hospital.”

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Recently, I’ve made a change in my career and life path, and with it, I’ve come into some time that I didn’t normally have. This has allowed me to catch up on all of the reading that has been stacking up on my bookshelf since I graduated from veterinary school.

This book was recommended to me by a peer in a group forum discussing burnout in the veterinary profession. I hadn't been heavily invested in reading this thread, but for some reason, the post about this book had caught my eye. So, when I did my last round of book…

Professional Advice

Now what?

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You’ve planned for months. Maybe you have been searching the local shelter’s website day in and day out trying to find your next pet. Perhaps every time you thought you found the perfect fit, they were scooped out from under your nose. Or, perhaps you prefer to purchase from a breeder. You’ve been eagerly watching the updates they send you each day monitoring your fluffy friend’s progress towards adoption day.

Whatever the case may be, you’ve reached the end goal. The furball was plopped into your arms, you signed some paperwork, received some paperwork in return, and then the process…

The hardest part of quitting is admitting that you’re a quitter.

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Photo by Jornada Produtora on Unsplash

I recently found myself in a difficult position. I found that despite my career goals always having been centered around achieving the job that I currently hold; my mind was exceedingly more aggressively urging me to look for something else.

It started with a quiet voice in the back of my mind many months ago.

“Is this right for you?”

Or maybe…

“Can you do this for 30 years?”

As time progressed, it became more than a whisper. It became more conversational, and then it became a shout. …


A veterinarian’s insight on the most difficult question of a pet owner's life.

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Pets make our lives so much better. Whether you prefer to surround yourself with cats and dogs, horses and cattle, or rabbits and reptiles. I think we can all agree that they provide something we often didn’t even know we were missing.

Our pets stay by our sides through all of the ups and downs that we experience. They will celebrate your greatest accomplishments and console you after your greatest failures. So, it’s fitting that we should be there for their ups and downs as well.


Robert Sedam, DVM

Small animal veterinarian hoping to provide honest insight into the veterinary profession. Find me at Contact:

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