Announcement on PAXB Token listing plan and network expansion

2 min readJun 14, 2023

Hello, this is PAXB.

PAXB has issued the blockchain cryptocurrency, PAXB Token (PXBT), which operates on the basis of the MXUP ecosystem. PXBT will be used as a key currency in MXUP and will be used as a governance token.

For PXBT to be used as a key currency in the MXUP ecosystem, the marketability of tokens must be formed. Simply we are saying that PXBT should be valued by many people. Therefore, PAXB placed PXBT’s listing as the most important factor when preparing.

We will be listing PXBT on the virtual asset exchange starting from Q3 if 2023.
The exchange where PXBT will be listed will mainly be CEX.
It will be listed on at least three to six exchanges in 2023.

Please look forward to what we have prepared.

In May, we held a vote regarding the mainnet change and took time to listen to opinions. The opinion that the Ethereum network currently in use should be changed to Polygon was most noticeable.

A plan to switch to Polygon or build our own mainnet and side chain has been suggested, and the development of the main network is being considered positively.

The main reason why we are looking at the change in our main network is to make lead scaling to be possible. With our own main network, users can increase access to platforms, advertisements, and other ecosystems centered in the MXUP ecosystem.

Recently, the blockchain industry has a trend of combining various public chains even with the main network. PAXB is also considering on combining various public chains after developing the main network.

MXUP will continue to use the Ethereum network until the decision is finalized.

To ease the fee burden on the Ethereum network, we are working on ways to reduce transmission fees, such as minting NFTs or supporting PXBTs for holders who send NFTs to MXUP account wallets after Minting. Detailed policies are and will continuously be announced through the PAXB community (Telegram, Twitter, Blog, MXUP Discord).

Thank you.