Bring the Layer 1 blockchain PAXB to the world

1 min readSep 4, 2023

Hello, this is PAXB.

In response to the demands of the times, we will bring the Layer 1 blockchain PAXB to the world in September 2023.

The PAXB blockchain will be applied to all platforms and dApps carried out by the project in the future, and the tokenomics of PAXB dApps such as MXUP will inevitably change as well.

The PAXB blockchain uses PAXB coins, and hybrid nodes are introduced to provide fast processing speed and stability.

PXBT, which was previously issued on an Ethereum basis, will provide an exchange function within the MXUP APP from the time of PAXB listing, and PXBT will remain within the service.

If you have any questions about the Layer 1 blockchain PAXB and PXBT, we will answer them asap if you ask through the foundation’s Telegram.

Thank you.