Adventures with the little one

or, Home Depot and naptime make for quite a day

Today I took you on your first adventure to Home Depot without your sister. I’ve never seen your eyes so big and I wondered if you were channeling your aunt or your grandfathers. You wanted to touch everything and yet at the same time, I saw your eyes drooping. Something about our stroller was just lulling you into sleep and when we returned home after scouting out refrigerators and cabinets, you were out cold.

So serene was your face, so content as you melted into the seat, that I feared to move you. For you see, I love you with all my heart, and at the same time, I have a sliver of space in my heart for my own hobbies and interests. It is a little-known fact that sometimes parents need space too. We need our alone time to recharge and unwind. So while your mother and big sister were off on their own adventure, I carefully unbuckled you, eased you into my arms, and softly stepped upstairs to your crib. You chirped once and cried out twice, but then silence descended and you gave me an hour of blissful silence.

And in that bliss, I cleaned the kitchen, hung the bikes on the new bike rack, and scarfed down some lunch before you awoke fully energized and ready for more.

I pray you never change. Well, maybe just a little bit… verbal communication will really make things so much easier!

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