To my budding leader

or, perhaps a future nurse?

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Today began sort of terrible. Your sister has an ear infection and we have to give her medicine. She hates taking it and I had to give it to her without your mother being there. You had to watch me force her to take it. She cried and spit it out all over her outfit. And all the while, I was sinking lower and lower into myself and frustrated that I was failing at fatherhood to both of you.

But, for all my failed attempts, you sat there cheering your sister on. You said, “It’s okay, it will make your ear feel better” and “I love the pink stuff. You will too!”

After the disaster ended, we cleaned everything up and we headed to daycare for her and preschool for you.

Today ended sort of amazing. At our first parent/teacher conference, your teacher shared how smart you were. Mrs. T shared stories of your presence in the classroom and your budding leadership abilities. She wished you were in the classroom five days a week instead of three!

Clara Barton, public domain image

When we named you Clara, we just loved the sound of the name. It wasn’t too common, and we felt it suited you. Later, one of your godmothers asked if we named you for Clara Barton, who founded the American Red Cross. I would like to say that we did, but we didn’t. Watching you care for your sister today and hearing the stories from your teacher, part of me wonders if perhaps you’re channeling some of her spirit anyway.

When you’re older, we’ll read more about Clara Barton and see what you think. For now, I pray you never change and you keep caring for your sister and classmates with as much care as Clara put into her work!

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