Ever since President Richard Nixon took America off the Gold Standard in 1971, people worldwide have been looking for an asset that is secured by real value. The Praetorian Group’s mission from the outset had been to create a sound money cryptocurrency that will ensure protection of value and allow for appreciation of a holders value secured by the PAX Token.

Here is a short teaser about this exciting new coin created by The Praetorian Group’s CEO, Gerrard Marrone from Sept 20th, 2017 just a few short weeks away from Pre-Sale:

“Imagine having the opportunity to own a piece…

While most crowd funding campaigns are merely ideas and start ups, the Praetorian Group’s Token is backed by real estate using an ERC20 PAX Token smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. The world has never seen anything like this. The Praetorian Group's PAX token  is a totally unique cryptocurrency because it is backed by real assets.  PAX will be cryptocurrency's first sound money cryptocurrency. The Praetorian Group chose real property to lay the foundation for its token's value because like gold it garners appreciation value but unlike gold holders will also enjoy participation in the net profits generated by the…

Pax Token

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