When Red Baron happened to me

Around 5.5 years back I took a brave decision to move to Bangalore from Delhi. This step was taken when I was desperately looking for a job to be self dependent. However, I had no real jobs offers before moving to Bangalore. Ya that’s right, I am one of those who always goes with the gut for which I surely have landed into troubles but also have had some clear wins. So absolutely no regrets! What would life be without taking risks? Can never imagine that.

I did land a couple of offers but not quite what I was looking for, somehow none of them gave me that “vibe” even though those were from the global organizations.

So, long story cut short, one fine day I get a call from Sandeep, who is the Commanding Officer at Red Baron :), that he would like to interview me. And finally, I did get this job to my own surprise as a content writer intern.

I gladly accepted this offer even though it wasn’t a permanent one. It just felt like this is the place to be. From the first day at work to till date, I still want to wake up everyday to go to work and do something wonderful. That’s Red Baron.

From being an intern to here is quite a journey which was possible only because I am here.

Next up, What Red Baron really is.