Know Your Rugs and Carpets

Rugs: The warm & comfortable floor–covering beneath our feet which add elegance & style to our suave homes.

These brilliant pieces of art adorn lavish bungalows, regal hotels & sophisticated work places all across the globe, though we all admire these beautiful carpet but how much do we really know about these? It indeed is very important to know the rug you have purchased or are about to purchase because then only will you know how to take care of these beauties.

Rugs can be distinguished from each other on the basis of these three parameters; so let’s discuss all of these one by one in brief, in order to get a better understanding of the different kinds of rug.

1. Based on the type of design

a.) Traditionally designed rugs: As the name suggests these carpets are designed keeping in mind the ancient European/Victorian, Persian& oriental designing patterns. The traditional carpets have very well defined patterns which have been in use over generations, thereby leaving hardly any scope for experimentation & change in the design. The traditional carpet designs usually contain specific elements like flowers, leafy patterns, well defined borders, and a central medallion in shapes like diamonds, hexagons & polygons & all these in pre-defined basic colours.

b.) Transitionally designed rugs: Transitional carpets are a perfect blend of the ageless traditional & trendy Modern carpet designs, these are gorgeous yet a little less formal and these rugs have the elegance & Panache of the traditional patterns & the freshness & chic look of the modern patterns.

c.) Modern design rugs: Modern carpets are generally created in vibrant bright colours with abstract, geometrical & asymmetrical patterns. The modern designing is highly innovative & creative; these rugs can be created in a huge variety of designs & colour themes giving the designer an opportunity to experiment. These rugs are a perfect match for a modern décor.

2. Based on construction type

a.) Hand made

i.) Hand knotted: Hand knotted rugs are the Crème de la crème of the carpet world. It is a premium collection of rugs created by intricately woven fibres of finest quality wool & silk. Thousands of knots are tied one over the other by our experienced weavers to create brilliant designs.

ii.) Hand tufted: Hand tufted rugs are made by punching strands of wool into a canvas that is stretched on a frame by using a hand operated tufting gun.These are specially crafted to withstand heavy traffic.

iii.) Hand loomed: Hand loomed rugs are handmade carpet made on looms. They range from thin to thick pile. They take pretty less time to be created due to the ease of designing.

iv.) Flat weave: Flat weave rugs are created by weaving wool through the warp strings. These carpets are reversible & have no pile. These are most favorable for places with heavy traffic.

b.) Machine Made

i.) Axminster: It’s a kind of machine made carpets patterned with a cut pile. The pile is attached to the carpet backing by inserting the tufts in rows between the warp threads and then binding them by means of the filling

ii.) Wilton: Wilton carpet is created on a specific type of weaving machine called wire loom. Wilton carpets are piled carpets formed by inserting steel rods in the pile warps of the fabric. After extraction of the rods the pile is looped (in case straight wires are used) or cut (in case cutting wires are used).

iii.) Machine tufted nylon printed: Machine Tufted carpets are made on machines where the yarn is stitched through a reconstructed backing to form a loop or a tuft thereafter any kind of custom design can be easily printed onto that. The back side of the carpet is coated with latex to hold the loops in place.

3. Based on the type of raw material used

a.) Natural fibre

i.) Wool: Wool is known for its strength and carpets made out of wool are mainly used in humid areas as the woollen fibre absorbs a lot of moisture without getting damp. Woolen rugs & carpets are known for their durability & longevity.

ii.) Silk: Silk is a luxurious fibre. It adds sheen & soft silky feel to the carpet. Even though it is delicate & fine, it is exceptionally durable. The addition of silk fibre to woolen carpets makes it more attractive.

iii.) Jute: Jute is a sustainable natural fibre & it lasts for years with just regular vacuuming. Jute carpets come at a very reasonable price. Though jute carpets aren’t as attractive as silk carpets but these can be easily woven, twisted, braided and knitted to generate beautiful designs.

b.) Synthetic fiber

i.) Viscose: Viscose is a flexible fibre & gives an impression of silk at a reasonable price; viscose is generally used with wool to create a better looking rug.

ii.) Nylon: Nylon is the most durable & toughest synthetic fibre; probably due to this reason it is the most widely used synthetic fibre. It is resistant to wear & abrasion & hence the carpets made with nylon last longer than the ones made with other synthetic fibres.

At Saraswatii Global we believe in delivering variety with maintaining the best in class quality. Our Carpets & rugs are not just a floor covering but also a unique piece of art.

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