Synthetic fuels could hold the key to decarbonizing transport and fighting climate change.

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Researchers hope to power planes with fuel synthesized from air, water, and sunlight. Will they succeed quickly enough for our changing climate? (Photo by Philip Tong)

When Lauren Rowello bought a car in 2019, she wanted it to be as sustainable as possible. Considering a range of factors, the Philadelphia resident settled on a used electric vehicle, a Tesla Model 3: “I didn’t want to support problematic work conditions that I’ve read about at Tesla plants, and I didn’t want to use new materials that a brand new car would require.”

Unfortunately, Rowello found that making her commute carbon-neutral wasn’t as simple as hopping into a second-hand electric car. “We… were disappointed to learn that some of the charging stations were run off coal in other parts of the US,” she says. “In our own area, they’re still mostly using natural gas. …

The TL;DR version: I did not like the ending of The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon’s sudden epiphany about his “other family” was reductive, and what happened with Penny (pregnancy) and Amy (makeover) were downright offensive.

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When I first started watching The Big Bang Theory, I identified with the men — all their nerdiness resonated happily with mine. While I never did quite warm to the depiction of Penny as the Trixie McBimbo (Gilmore Girls reference there; a hugely problematic series in its own way) of the show, for a long time I managed to ignore my misgivings. Or maybe I just avoided thinking too deeply about them. …


Payal Dhar

Writer, editor

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