Final Submission

Woah. That was crazy. IP went by so fast. I handed in my thesis paper yesterday and the shows went well. I keep hearing great feedback from friends who are visiting Work Gallery to see the exhibition.

Final exit interviews are on Wednesday. I have to clean out my studio and I will show my family my show when they come next weekend for graduation.

Here are some images of my final instillation

My thesis is available via deep blu. Here is an excerpt from my thesis:

Made In Class = Lifestyle (Identity + Function)

Made In Class is a brand of apparel inspired by personal transformation incorporating motifs of confidence and boldness designed to empower the consumer.

Made In Class is a clothing line made of neoprene, which is a non-wrinkle lightweight tech material, and zippers, some of which are longer than the pieces itself to indicate a transformation. Made In Class is comprised of eight pieces: women and men’s jackets, a hoodie, a crewneck, a sports bra, boxers, joggers and a dress. The zippers represent transformation, they unzip and move, just the way we do. This is meant to ensure movement, change, and utility through simply adjusting the zippers. Marketed towards young adults in college and young professionals, Made In Class is meant to compliment one’s lifestyle through its functionality and by enhancing one’s identity through clean and crisp design.

Made In Class is a small-scale example of a long-term goal. Made In Class is my first fashion entrepreneurial venture that I was lucky enough to execute in a yearlong thesis and gain support, constructive criticism, and most importantly, collaborate with many, many people. For me, Made In Class is more than just a brand of apparel it is a beginning. Made In Class was inspired by transformation along with depicts of confidence and boldness; it is specifically made for those with the desire to succeed.

Here are some links where you can check out my process as well as what is to come. I’m excited and grateful for the experiences and opportunties ahead.