Lesson(s) Learned

So after the news that my photographer had lost all the photos from the first shoot- Feb 20th. I was so upset. That 9 hour shoot- all gone. But I was more annoyed because of the lack of communication. And that’s when I had to just decide that things happen for a reason and I needed to move forward.

I found a new photographer, got the studio space (2006), got the models and blocked out 6PM-11PM on March 27th. This is when I knew, this photoshoot was going to be cleaner and better. My photographer this time was much more reliable, has been constantly in communication and is currently editing the pictures which I will receive at 11:30 AM this morning.

We took over 600 photographs and narrowed it down to 52. Then I also have stills of each piece front and back.

Lesson I learned is that while it is hard to trust people- sometimes you have to. You can’t get stuck that’s when not only you are making a mistake but you are letting other people interfere with your long term vision. Shitty things happen- its how you get over them.

Best part of the story: On March 28th at 4PM- a day after the 2nd shoot- the first photographer texts me. “i found them…lol”. I can’t be mad because it’s just not worth it. Hopefully I can get the photos and perhaps use them as social media or detail shots.

Currently I have made a master list now that we are coming to the last week of IP.

Once I get these photographs I will make my story and layout everything via InDesign- which I have started. I will bind the book on Friday at 12PM. I have collected all those materials.

I have to sew on the clothing tags and clean the clothes. The dress is something I have been working on and should be done by April 12th.

I was editing and went through my website all day on Wednesday. I am going to incorporate Made In Class on top my personal website: http://www.payaldoshi821.com/

I have been keeping a running log of my contacts, credits and finances which I will be fairly incorporating.

I need to get a box to collect all my materials to submit for the final show. This will get done in exactly a week- on Monday. I will have my 7 pieces of clothing, 1 Vinyl (which I am thinking of putting on a piece of metal as signage), 1 book & 1 Mac for my website (both propped on a shelf) and my hangers & clothing rack. I have a list of requested items that I will submit along with the box.

The thesis paper and deep blu packet is a work in progress. I don’t think I’m going to worry about that until after I submit everything.

Looking forward- I have been asked to participate in the NOiR fashion show on the 18th at Crisler Arena. It is a blacklight show so I will have to make some more pieces so I can properly incorporate Made In Class into it. We will see if this can work- it would be great publicity and a great experience. I am in contact with two of the NOiR representatives.

I also have been talking to mass production potentials. Need to get on that asap as well.

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