I am Samvel, the creator of the PayAll financial multi-service platform.

I am sure that you have been waiting for the appearance of our platform, because now all your financial goals can be solved with 1 to 3 clicks.

PayAll is a multi-service financial company. With one click you solve all payment tasks. PayAll will hold any financial and analytical operation in a single click.

Any problems that need to be solved in the cryptocurrency financial field can now be “closed” on one platform with the means of all financial products that are on the blockchain. These are wallets, cards, stock markets, analytical systems, deposits, loan services, ratings.

The PayAll platform attracts both B2B and B2C clients.

The implementation of the platform tasks goes through a partnership with the B2B sector, which serves blockchain customers in the financial sector. That is, PayAll platform will be presented to the major blockchain financial institutions in order to implement B2C sector tasks.

How does it look step-by-step?

The platform enters into partnerships with representatives of the financial sector through which an individual can access the partner’s products. At the same time, an individual does not pay for access to the product. B2B representative pays for participation in the partnership in which it is involved. The agency agreement assumes 0.8–1.2% of turnover.

How to pay?

All payments on the platform are held in local currency, PLL, which is a token that allows to unify all the relationships between the financial sector and the consumer and not to be confused in the currency. After concluding transactions, payment cards and other operations that will be available to individuals, a person can withdraw funds from the platform in any currency he/she likes.

What is unique about the platform?

Thanks to this platform, the user no longer needs to download that many applications that are currently needed to enter the blockchain market. In addition, the unified currency will make any payments transparent.

Who is our Target Audience?

We are waiting for all users of financial products on the blockchain system. These are investors, and other who are interested in the blockchain.

In terms of partnership, we invite to participate any financial institutions that work in the blockchain field — wallets, payment cards, payment systems, stock markets. While an entry barrier is very low.

How can we surprise ICO market participants?

The most important thing — it is an obvious and very rapid growth of tokens. In all operations, users will only use PLL tokens. Next, work on the platform is very easy. We closely monitor the development of financial instruments of the blockchain and managed to make the platform as intuitive as possible, taking into account all the technical possibilities that are represented today by the world trends. Third, we think that our product is genius. Here you can always find new partners. In addition, we are developing our own rating agency, so the platform will also become a marketing platform for ICO / pre-ICO

How do I earn?

I guarantee the uniqueness of our platform. I am confident in its relevance. Investors quickly multiply their wealth, since all financial processes taking place on the platform in its own currency — PLL token. All transactions are subject to a certain commission. With the constant increase of users and the attention to our site, we get an increase in the cost of the PLL-token in a few dozen times.

What bonuses and discounts are expected for investors?

We plan to collect _____ on pre-IСO and, of course, for the most loyal of our investors we provide preferential entry into the system, own ICO-wallet, cards of partner companies. The sweetest gifts for those who invest in the first week of our entry to the pre-ICO — that’s 30% partner discount.

We are looking for investors and believe in PayAll as the only and unique multi-financial platform with high income for its participants.

Pre-ICO date is November 20, 2017.

For first registered we provide 30% discount for the first 7 days.

Vote with a token!