6 Beautiful Tattoo Designs & Their Meanings

Tattoos — while some despise them absolutely, others believe that it is a painful custom to incite permanently a theory of a certain symbol or belief. It is a matter of engraving this idea on their being. As tattoo lovers say, it is a permanent spiritual, emotional, mental and physical experience at all levels. Tattoos are extremely personal and, although they seem modern, cool and fashionable, they mean much more than a form or symbol. Here is a thorough analysis of 20 beautiful tattoos with meanings that could inspire you to get one (if you do not already have one!).


If you want birds to be tattooed, your choices are endless. You can have a single bird or a group of tattooed birds. Birds, of course, defend freedom and hope in general. If you want to tattoo a specific bird, it is best to search properly and decide what suits you