The Kingfishers of Deptford Creek

As a teenage twitcher, I’d always wanted to see a Kingfisher. The brightly coloured bird that I couldn’t quite believe could be found on the British Isles. I never got to see one, to tick it off my list. London didn’t seem like good territory for finding a Kingfisher at all.

Having heard rumours online for a while (and on the BBC) about kingfishers on the creek in Deptford, today we made an excursion to Brookmill Park with a camera.

Now, the BBC clip online made me feel like there was little chance of me seeing one in the flesh, and that it would require extraordinary patience and a whole afternoon sat under a bridge. So we arrived with a packed lunch and sat on a bench, on a lovely warm autumn day and waited.

Within 5 minutes, a kingfisher zipped past us — the exact flash of blue everyone describes. Camera still in its case, there was no time to take a photo.

Within another 5 minutes, we had about 15 photos of the little critter, and within an hour we had enough photos to want to get back home and have a proper look at them. So here is a small selection.

I would say, from our experience today it was really easy to see this bird on this stretch of river. No remarkable patience required, and no special equipment really — even without a pair of binoculars we were close enough to enjoy the sight.

So there we have it, London’s urbanite kingfishers.

Photos taken on a Canon DSLR without a telephoto lens.

A flash of blue
Looking right at us
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