Beyond the Product — Optimizing the E-Commerce Space

It seems that our computers are getting smaller and smaller. Remember the days when the computer was the size of a whole room? It’s crazy to think that now we have computers the size of our palm and as thin as paper.

The mobile revolution has created a platform shift for businesses regarding eCommerce. With at least one-fifth of our time being spent on our mobile device, it is almost impossible for businesses to prosper without taking advantage of opportunities in the mobile space.

For eCommerce businesses, joining social media brings many opportunities to engage with customers as well as to provide products. Buyable pins from Pinterest and mobile stores within social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter make it easy for customers to purchase in the moment.

Mobile apps are a $100 million industry that provide us with everything imaginable. Shopping apps such as Etsy, Amazon and Groupon make it easy to shop anywhere and at anytime. For businesses looking for exposure or consumers searching for a convenient way to shop, mobile apps are the way to go.

eCommerce sites need to provide a positive user experience for mobile consumers. Having a mobile-friendly website allows users to have a sense of ease going from desktop to mobile. Google even has a mobile-friendly test businesses can use to assess the effectiveness of their mobile platforms. The reality is, with competition in the mobile eCommerce space at an all-time high, customers crave not only the end product — they crave experience. 55% of customers are willing to pay more for a better experience.

What we find to be most important when it comes to the mobile shift in the eCommerce space is to make it simple. Don’t overcomplicate the mobile experience or else users will be turned off by it.

Taking full advantage of social media, apps, and user experience will promote growth within a business. Paydunk is a perfect example of a mobile app that keeps it simple by providing an easy eCommerce checkout process.