In today’s digital world ruled by application technology and cashless transactions, there is an ever-growing need for innovative approaches to overcome the challenges we face. One of the problems associated with the digital finance industry is, of course, safety. Consumers are looking for viable solutions that address their concerns and offer a robust method of managing their financial assets.

What is PayFbit?

To put it in simple terms, PayFbit is a blockchain-based payment solution for managing digital assets & fiat currencies.PayFbit addresses all the common concerns involved with digital payment solutions in a streamlined manner. …

There is hardly anyone in the business world today who is not familiar with the concept of cryptocurrencies, at least to some degree. What does this word mean to you? What image does it conjure up in your mind? Is it of shady transactions that happen in the unseen corners of the web? Unfortunately, if it is, you are not the only one.

Cryptocurrencies have witnessed a miraculous run in the past decade. A novel concept started that with the launch of Bitcoin, the industry has now grown to staggering heights and was worth an estimated USD 1.03 billion by…

With the PayFbit ICO event taking off in just a few day’s time, it is important that you know about the referral program offered by the company. The PayFbit referral program is unlike any other. It is crafted with engaging the participants and rewarding them with exciting commissions.

On the surface, the PayFbit referral program may look simple, but in reality, it is quite complex. In this article, we will take the program apart and discuss how one can earn big rewards.

Referral 101

Every user registering on the PayFbit website receives a unique referral link. which can be accessed…

Do you recall the last time you withdrew cash from an ATM? Or maybe the time you settled a bill using currency notes? The chances are slim to none. This is because, unknowingly, at some point, you had shifted to digital payment alternatives like mobile banking, net banking, e-wallets, and more. Before you are alarmed by this revelation, just know that it’s not just you; in fact, a significant global population has also transitioned to this medium.

Shifting Trends

The reasons for this change are abundant. Digital modes of payments are highly cost-effective as they improve efficiency and speed up…

pay fbit

Unique blockchain based crypto-assets ecosystem of the future. Learnmore:

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