Follow along to find the right trends in real estate tech and software for the new year.
Dec 31, 2018 · 3 min read

Technology is the future. One of the most common uses for technology in real estate is to take the data we have amassed from these last decades to understand more about the market. This in-depth understanding of real estate data can be put to use to create software and technology that creates ease in the sometimes nuanced process of buying and selling a property. Customer Relationship Management, using spending habits to save up for a down payment, and mapping out an interior 3D map may be the most prominent real estate trends coming into the new year. Let’s explore more about these tech trends.

Gotta Have A CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is created to help a real estate agent organize leads to maximize sales. The market is being flooded with tech and software companies claiming to have just what we need. This type of market can make us wary of on boarding a new software, but at this point, every agent should be working with a CRM. A CRM helps us track and manage leads gathered from our website, networking events, open houses, and more. We can search and touch in with a client with a bird’s eye view of exactly where we are in the client process. Make closing deals easier, get a CRM in 2019.


There’s a new way to source a downpayment for our house, and just in time for the Millenials to enter the market. Crowdfunding a down payment is the latest in real estate tech. Those who want to buy a home can sign up for the UpIt program. There are tons of stores signed up to take part. Each time we spend at one of the approved locations a percentage is kicked back to our down payment fund. The profile is also easy to share with family members and friends on social media, sourcing gifts around birthdays or holidays into a downpayment digital piggy bank. The millennial generation is entering a home buying market with wages that haven’t risen at the same rate as the average home price, this novel approach to sourcing a down payment could indicate a prominent trend in the coming year.

3D Indoor Mapping

One thing that technology has done is connect real estate agents with even more homebuyers than ever. Posting homes for sale on popular apps like Zillow, sharing interiors on social sites like Instagram and Facebook, and even blasting out email marketing campaigns has allowed realtors to stay connected to nurture leads using digital content. One very prevalent new source of content is 3D indoor mapping. Indoor mapping programs like Matterport and WRLD3D let a realtor map, recreate, and share a three-dimensional tour of their property for sale. Anyone who clicks the link will be transported to the space we have on the market, delivering an open house right to their phone or iPad.

Using software and technology to our advantage can make selling a home easier than ever. Finding the right software isn’t always easy, but this list can help point any real estate agent in the right direction.

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