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While recently browsing the Playstation Network Store, I stumbled across a game called Stranded Deep. I don’t know about you, this is probably a unique fantasy I have, but I’ve always wondered what it would be like to find myself deserted on a remote tropical island.

Boom, my fantasy realized!

It was time to slip into a worn, ripped and sun-beaten business suit, master the art of paddling an airplane-deployed safety raft, and enjoy a few freshly picked coconuts on a sun-drenched stretch of golden sand.

Fast forward many hours of gameplay later and I’m enthralled; this very underrated indy gem is just the castaway outlet I’ve been searching for. …

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Brochures are an excellent tool to spread the word about your offerings, upcoming events, promotions or conferences. In today’s post, I gathered 13 of the best brochure ideas to help you design clear, beautiful and useful marketing assets.

Let’s get started!

Brochure Idea #1: Blend Bold Fonts and Colors

A top graphic design trend is the use of bright colors and bold fonts. These colorful alternatives to the popular minimalist design is a great choice for a brochure that needs to get your audience’s attention.

Brands can use extremely eye-catching color schemes and typography that stands above other content. …

Social distancing TETRIS, floating mask safety, and more!

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This year, we launched the Visme GIF maker. We can’t tell you the level of excitement going through the team when it was announced. Especially in the social media department!

In the first couple of weeks, we did lots of testing to weed out any bugs. We decided to have a little fun and announced a GIF contest for the entire Visme team.

At that time, more than half of our team members were under lockdown in different parts of the world. …


Payman Taei

I’m helping the world communicate Visually. #VisualContent Master, Designer, #Entrepreneur, #startups. Founder: Visme & HindSite Interactive

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