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The Challenge: In November 2017, healthcare staffing agency SnapNurse looked at its business and decided it needed to improve against two core metrics: recruitment and retention. Leaders identified on-boarding, booking and payment as areas of opportunity.

The Solve: SnapNurse’s legacy booking and payroll system did not allow for notifying nurses of pending shifts or offering early access to earned wages, two benefits workers said they wanted. To pay nurses daily, SnapNurse introduced the instapay platform behind Paymint, making it possible for nurses to access wages as fast as 30 minutes after their shifts ended.

The Result: SnapNurse saw its revenue growth more than 1000% in just over a year after offering an instant payment option and improving its digital booking systems and communications. The healthcare staffing agency also saw increased satisfaction among its client partners and workers. “The nurses love the ability to get paid instantly at the end of their shift. This is a game changer for all staffing agencies,” says Warrick Smelker, account manager at SnapNurse. …

By John Davidson

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It won’t surprise you that a key takeaway from the 2019 NAFC
Annual Conference was the ever-rising problem of driver
shortage. Drivers are aging out of the hiring pool just as demand for them is skyrocketing, noted The American Transport Research Institute. A robust economy is great for business overall, but it makes recruiting and retention challenging, particularly in the over-the-road truckload sector.

The good news is paying more is not the only option companies have. …

Why offering employees flexpay might be the best cost-saving move yet.

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Did you know 44 percent of America’s independent workforce (or “gig workers”) received $263 billion in paycheck advances last year? Did you know another 31.8 million gig workers are interested in using a pay-advance option, but don’t have access to one? What those numbers from’s July 2019 PAY ADVANCES: THE GIG ECONOMY’S NEW NORMAL report tell us is this: payment advances are poised to become the norm versus the exception.

Enter the instant-payment, the almost immediate transfer of money through secure networks and platforms. Thanks to advancements in technology, paying employees on a daily basis is easy as sending them a notification on their mobile phone. …



Paymint is the ridiculously easy way to pay your workers instantly. We help improve recruitment and retention. Visit us at to learn more.

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