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Hello Community & Investors,

With excitement, we introduce the PayPDM PRE-SALE event! 😊
PayPDM (PYD) Presale is scheduled from November 17th, 2020 — December 7th, 2020
accepting ETH primarily.

To participate- Contribute | Presale

PayPDM is a decentralized crypto finance providing monetized, valuable and exciting blockchain based financial products/services for financial investments & standardization of cryptocurrencies.
Being developed for the melioration and mass adoption of cryptocurrencies by providing basic & advanced financial products/services which are made accessible to crypto users superseding the traditional finance.

Coin Type/Status: Pre-sale
KYC: Not required
Project Platform: Ethereum
Accepted Currency: ETH
Fundraising s/d: 11/17/2020
Fundraising e/d: 07/12/2020
Excluded Countr: N/A
Company Countr: Cyprus
Soft Cap (USD): $500,000
Hard Cap (USD)…

There is always something exciting about changes. 😊
At PayPDM, With long term survey, observation and users flexibilities. We love to make our products/services completely fun, exciting and user friendly.
There is a basic change on our default logo & other branding images which includes;


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PayPDM Logo


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Favicon & Profile Icon:

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Hello community,

Having to keep every user aware of the deliberated changes on the proposed distribution date. This proposed change is to be effected immediately after the official release.

We would be using the proposed changes for the more allocation and efficiency towards the firms services and the organized token distribution.

After completion of the bounty campaign which had a proposed distribution date of the next available week has alongside being acknowledged with the Airdrop 2 campaign distribution.

The new proposed distribution ate is scheduled on Saturday (10/24) from 1PM P.T.
In order to ensure a maximum functionalities on the bounty distribution and the recently completed airdrop round 2 campaign distribution. …

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After successful fulfillment of the Round 2 Airdrop campaign, Distribution date has been proposed to the final week of September 2020.

The airdrop bot which was purposely deactivated after the finalization of the Round 2 Airdrop after which all participants data was been stored, saved and secured.

All participants’ entries are under scrutiny while proposed distribution date gets due.
Earlier, Airdrop participants entries were released on the official website with exception to much more entries due to our privacy — compliance.

Airdrop distribution for the Round 2 campaign is scheduled to commence during the proposed date.

Before distribution, there would be a scrutiny which will be on process for all participants users entries, entries would be considered null and void if contains the following
— false user information
— spam information
— multiple user entries
— breach of Round 2 Airdrop campaign offer which isn’t limited to; Exit from social communities after the Round 2 Airdrop campaign.

On distribution, all eligible participants would be officially notified through registered electronic communication and official announcements.
Hence, all eligible participants would receive the specified token during the proposed distribution. …

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PayPDM Pre-Sale II

Hello Community,
PayPDM, A decentralized crypto financial firm.
With excitement, announces the second round of Pre-sale, from Aug 5th, 2020.

The Presale would be conducted in two phases;
Pre-registration and Sales contract.
Pre-Sale FAQ provides assistance for participation of the Pre-Sale and answers to Pre-Sale questions that you would need an answer to.

PRE-SALE | Participate Now

+What is PayPDM
+ Pre-Sale Values
+ Pre-Sale FAQ
+ Pre-Sale

PayPDM is a leading financial services provider towards a next generational DeFi accentuated by decentralization, privacy-prioritized and blockchain-based protocols superseding traditional finance. …

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First Interactive Quiz Session

While we prepare for our AMA which is scheduled on August 15th, 2020.

We would like to get the community also ready to participate in the AMA hereby closing the bridge gap.

This Interactive Quiz Session is scheduled to kick off in

Count down: 1hr: 30mins from time of publishing.

It is open and free for all members to participate in.

🎁 Rewards are applicable for Top questions and responses

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The official AIRDROP #2 has finally come to an end. With lots of activities, mass participation, community expansion as we reached and surpassed our basic threshold.

An appreciation goes to all participants who completely engaged in this AIDROP campaign.We require everyone to remain in our respective social channels and also be active.

Tasks which includes;

Follow on Twitter and RT pinned post

Join Telegram Group/Channel

Follow, Like and Share on Facebook.

Follow Medium page

Refer 3 friends (min)

We reserve the right to withhold coins from any participant who egress from our official community channels after the completion of the AIRDROP #2.

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Hello, PayPDM Community

Within a short space of time, we had an acceleration in our community expansion.

Prior to our airdrop buzz and active bounty campaign. All support and interest added a value towards the PayPDM Community.

We appreciate every user (s) towards the support, interest and upholding of the PayPDM firm.

An extension has been deliberated as a kind gesture from PayPDM towards the community in response to the support and interest from the community.

In good fate we extend the Airdrop 2 of our active Airdrop campaign. This exercise is determined to run for 14 days from todays date.

Share, invite and refer friends.

Website —

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Providing decentralized financial services for standardization of cryptocurrencies.

With excitement,
PayPDM announces its 3,000,000 PYD Bounty Campaign.
Get rewarded while you support the PayPDM in the active bounty campaign.
This significantly helps in the expansion of the official community, gain relevance in the blockchain world among other firms and helps everyone attain an efficient and common goal.
Over $200 worth of $PYD up to share for every individual in the active campaign.

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Bounty campaign has a total allocation of 3,000,000 PYD coins which distribution would occur at the end of the contest.

To participate in the active campaign, use the link below.

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Dear Community

With excitement, we introduce the PayPDM PRE-SALE event!

PayPDM (PYD) Pre IEO will be from June 22, 2020 — July 4th, 2020
accepting USDT, BTC, ETH
To participate, Access official website and complete Instant form

Token Sale Details

· Pre-Sale Session Time : June 22, 2020 8:00 UTC — July 4th, 2020 8:00 UTC.

· Token Name : PayPDM (PYD)

· Total supply : 1,000,000,000 PYD

· Total Tokens Allocated Pre-IEO : 5,000,000 PYD

· Token Sale Price :1 PYD =0.07 USDT

· Token Sale Format : First users

· Minimum purchase amount: 750 PYD

· Bonus : 20% PYD.

Example: you can buy 10,000 PYD at 700 USDT, getting additional 2,000 PYD.
The awards of the event will be distributed within 2 working days after the presale purchases.



PayPDM is a decentralized financial firm for the standardization of cryptocurrencies through FinTrade, CryptoLend & PDM Gamings.

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