Do you feel like you’re suffering right now?

Are you going through a lot of pain?

Did you lose a loved one? Has your heart been broken? Did a promotion slip through your hands?

In the moment, we’re quick to write off these occasions as injustice, unfairness, life beating us down.

But maybe what you’re going through, in fact, is an awakening.

This is exactly what happened to me in the last two weeks.

From mid-May onward, I have had such an incredible time meeting and connecting with people, sharing with them, and exploring new frontiers. I have never felt so loved and supported in who I am and what I’m doing.

Suddenly, it came to a bit of a halt as I went out of town for two weeks. I became concerned. I thought I was on a hot streak, but instead of seeing things expand before me, I began to feel resistance building up. And, what’s this…? Infatuation.

If you know anything about infatuation and love sickness, you know that it’s painful. It makes it hard to eat and hard to sleep. It takes over your mind.

But processing it led to incredible relief. And, I started to discover new things about myself.

My confidence had grown. I wasn’t “getting worse”. I was stepping into a new me.

The process of awakening can be painful. It could be likened to birth, or even a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, as trite as those examples might be. It’s work!

But once you’re on the other side of the pain, it’s an incredible feeling. If you’re suffering right now, you may not be going backwards. You may be in the process of unlocking your potential.

Originally published at Outsource Blog Content.