No One Reading Your Blog? Here Are 6 Possible Root Causes

Are you having trouble attracting an audience to your blog?

The blogging world is legitimately saturated, and it’s a lot tougher to rank in search and to grow a following today than it ever was.

This does not mean that it can’t be done. It just means that it’s going to take time, and if you don’t have a solid strategy behind what you’re doing, you’re unlikely to get the results you’re looking for — no matter how persistent you are.

If no one’s reading your blog, here are six possible root causes for you to explore:

1. You’re Only Interested In Yourself

Are you still using your blog to share updates about your company? Is your blog a journal of daily activities?

These things have their place. But this type of content isn’t very strategic.

Your blog isn’t about you — it’s about your audience. Whether you’re sending emails or writing a new article, if you’re only interested in your own exploits, odds are you’re not going to grow much of a following.

2. You’re Not Bringing A Unique Perspective To The Subject Matter

Anyone can rehash things that have already been said. We’re all guilty of doing this.

But today more than ever, you have to put your focus on creating valuable and worthwhile content instead of just pushing huge volumes of content out the door.

Where do you stand on issues? What can you say that hasn’t already been said? What is the unique spin you bring to your content?

3. You Aren’t Helping Anyone

Google registers over 3.5 billion searchers per day (Internet Live Stats).
People everywhere are looking for answers to their questions. They want to look better, feel better, do better…

There are plenty of readers out there. The question is: what can you share that will actually help people? How can you solve an urgent pain or problem? How can you serve your audience?

4. You Don’t Have A Topical Focus Or You’ve Gotten Off Track

We watch things, listen to things, and even read things that inspire us. And then we turn around and go, “I want to write about that!”

We assume that our readers will be interested in the same things we are, so we create content around those topics, even if they aren’t directly related to the overall theme of our blog.

This is what a personal blog is for. You can certainly share things about your life on your blog, but remember to stay on topic. You’ll have less purging and editing to do later - and this can be painstaking.

5. You Don’t Know How To Write Effective Headlines

Your content might be awesome. But if you don’t catch people’s attention upfront, it could be ignored.

While it’s important to avoid overselling your content with your headline, it is absolutely essential to understand at least the basics of copywriting and apply these techniques to your titles.

6. You Aren’t Publishing Regularly

Let’s be clear here— you don’t necessarily have to publish every single day, five times per week, or even three times per week to build your blog.

If you’ve got your promotional strategies figured out, and you’re delivering a lot of value, you may not even need to publish more than once per month!

But you do need to keep your readers engaged. Fresh, quality content will go a long way towards holding their attention.

Final Thoughts

There has never been a greater need to be strategic about the content you’re publishing. If you keep delivering content that your audience can’t help but talk about and share, you’ve hit the sweet spot. But getting to that point can be trying. Keep learning, keep building relationships, and keep adjusting as you continue to put your time and energy towards creating new content.

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