What is it about rawness that’s so relieving?

Maybe we just keep things inside too much.

When you finally let it out, it’s like getting something off your chest.

It’s always intense, because you’ve held onto it for a while and it’s had a chance to fester on the inside.

But getting it out into the open can help you let go. Suddenly it’s not that important anymore. You don’t even necessarily have to get all of it out. Some might be enough based on the response you get. Responses can help you process what you’ve been ruminating on, which might not be as big of a deal as you originally thought it was.

Best of all, your confidence will grow because you’re learning to express yourself. You’ll fear rejection less. You’ll learn to say what’s on your mind. You won’t overthink it. People will respect that, because it’s the real you.

Originally published at Outsource Blog Content.

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