Weekly update [November 2nd, 2018]

Even though last week’s report was posted later than usual, we will keep posting our reports on Wednesday. Thus, please see below this week’s report.


We have increased our productivity in order to meet our calendar goals. In this regard, this have been our main areas of work:

  • The integration of Intercom’s chat on the Android’s version is already finished. Therefore, we can say that the Support module is already finished.
  • Our developers keep working on the registration module where the user_id has been changed and now uses a regular nickname instead of the telephone number, which is still used in order to enable user verification.
  • We are developing a method in order to retrieve the password in case it is lost. Please, bear in mind that Private Keys will be encrypted by a password. If this password was lost, the Private Key would not be recoverable unless we develop this new method.
  • We are also working on some minor developments as the “About us” page and others.


We have already received the draft of the independent expert. This draft is now being reviewed by our legal team.


We are also working on a new website for PayPro app. This website will give coverage for all of you who participated on the ICO and will explain the transition from PayPro to Infinit.

In case you have any more questions, please send us an email to “info@thepaypro.com”.