How to trade on Propel DEX by PayRue

Mar 1 · 2 min read

London Sunday 1st March 2020

Propel DEX is a cryptocurrency exchange on Stellar Blockchain. All assets on the exchange are stellar tokens. Propel DEX is today ONLY available as a web-based trading application. (Not on mobile iOS or Android)

This post is to show an easy step, how to trade Propel / XLM pair. Clarify that Propel is the native token of PayRue in which you can use today to pay for commission and soon we will add more features for it. XLM is the native token of Stellar blockchain to be used to pay for network charges.


  1. Log in to, in order to trade you will need to be KYC approved
  2. Once KYC approved you will earn 5,000 Propel and 2 XLM. (KYC approved means to provide a. proof of identity b. photo c. proof of address)
  3. On the left-hand side menu, once KYC approved, you will see Propel DEX, click on it
  4. Inside Propel DEX, you will see Propel and XLM pair
  5. The Propel and XLM balances are linked to your PayRue wallets

Some terminology

  • To create an order you put the price of XLM or Propel you will to pay or sell for it including the amount of the token
  • To trade direct, you can click on the buy or sell side of the order book with the amount of Propel and XLM you want to trade

Trading on Propel DEX is commission-free today. The only charges on your trade will be from Stellar blockchain network charges which are 0.00001 costs in XLM (lumens).

We advise trading cautiously, be aware of large spreads and low volume. If you have any questions, contact us on email, send a message in the app or the live chat function.

From Team PayRue

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