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Jul 1, 2019 · 2 min read


Dear PayRue Users!

This our first monthly newsletter directed to all users of PayRue and we want to kick it off with a Campaign!

This Month Has Been A Very Good With:

Update Of Design On Mobile Apps And Web Application

Launch Of PayRue Token Propel On LATOKEN Exchange

PayRue Exchange OU
In Estonia Received Digital Wallet And Crypto Exchange License

Our mission with PayRue is to make cryptocurrency easy and available for anyone.

Today we are happy to announce a CAMPAIGN that gives any KYC registered PayRue users 1,000 Propel as a referral for any 5 invited person that registers with PayRue and pass KYC.

On top of this PayRue will offer BONUS of 10,000 Propel token to each KYC registered user who successfully invites 100 people that successfully pass the KYC.

People who receive the 10,000 Propel bonus, will be labeled Propel Advisor and their account will have certain rights that will be introduced in the next phase of the growing Propel Community.

The Propel Advisors will have their 10,000 Propel token locked in over 3 months with first payment 15th of August 2019 and 15th of November 2019.

You can get your referral code in the dashboard, after you accept KYC

(P.S. All users who send invitation links needs to be KYC registered.)

This campaign will last the month of July 2019 start on 1st of July 10 am UTC and finish on the 31st of July 10 am UTC.

(the previous referral fee of 10 Propel per successfully invited users will be stopped during this campaign)

One Canada Square Canary Wharf E14 5AB London


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