Aug 15, 2019 · 1 min read

PayRue building for the future adding RigoBlock and GRG Token.

London 15th August 2019

Today PayRue added RigoBlock support and wallet support for their GRG token. The reason why I want to mention this is in the blog is that this is important. Gabriele the CEO and the team behind the RigoBlock have built an amazing protocol and infrastructure to allow investors and traders to create their own pools or funds to trade ERC20 token across decentralized exchanges.

This will create huge opportunities going forward in what you can actually do as an individual trader and investor with digital assets.

RigoBlock is open source and we are big fans and support of RigoBlock.

In the future, PayRue will launch direct services and on top of RigoBlock that will create an amazing opportunity for individual investors.

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CEO of PayRue


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