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PayRue Business — Invoice Templates

London 3rd of September 2019

Hi all PayRue users! Today we are excited to share our latest initiative to promote usage of virtual currencies for the Freelance communities by launching an invoice template on PayRue Web Application.

We will start with Version 1 which is Invoicing, there are people all over the world that provide amazing freelance work in IT development, support, design and other professions.

PayRue have started to provide Invoice templates to allow freelancers to easily manage, save and send Invoices in PDF format with eg their BTC or ETH wallet in PayRue attached.

PayRue freelance services will provide a suite of services enable users to send and manage invoices, prepare accounting, prepare tax returns, accept and send cryptocurrencies and fiat and ownership of digital wallets.

This will further make life easier coming to taxes and accounting in the future.

Again this is Version 1, enjoy and spread the word any questions please contact us.

More services and features will come and be announced soon.

Stay tuned!

Best Regards

Mikael Olofsson

CEO PayRue


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