PayRue Community Update

London 28th of May 2019

Dear PayRue users!

In the last couple of days, we have seen an increasing amount of sign-ups and new KYC approved users than we did expect. This is great news however it forced us to take extra steps around our security and overlook our rewards scheme.

The security we have added on an extra layer of ReCaptcha that is now added on the web application, Android and soon to be updated in iOS and we added mobile SMS verification on sign-ups.

We were also forced to reduce the reward to 100 IXT for completing KYC registration and to 50 IXT upon referrals. Reason for this we need to manage our IXT inventory to be used both to benefit the wider audience and be included in PayRue and the IXT platform that is being built.

There were also changes regarding the XLM distribution and Propel distribution to be offered for free after KYC registrations are completed and verified.

The question has also been asked what you can do with IXT and what is Propel.

IXT can be used to stake for Travel Protection Scheme and to be used with a 50% discount on transfers in PayRue application.

Propel token, we will release news soon about and how it can be used among PayRue members.

There have been delays in the verification process and this we are working 24/7 to solve.

Best Regards

Mikael Olofsson 
CEO PayRue Ltd