PayRue Pre-Live on Seedrs

Jul 29, 2019 · 1 min read

London 29th of July 2019

Why is PayRue doing a Seedrs campaign?

PayRue is proud and super excited to do a Seedrs campaign to raise seed funding before a planned A round late 2019 or early 2020.

What is Seedrs some people might ask! Seedrs is a UK based equity crowdfunding platform with regulatory approval from FCA in the UK.

PayRue have decided to pursue Seedrs for many reasons but to highlight a few

  • Allows investors to own shares in PayRue direct and in a seed investment phase
  • Allows investors to trade their PayRue shares in a regulated secondary market on Seedrs
  • Be protected as shareholders through Seedrs

PayRue is building a financial services company in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector, this is still a very new and too certain extent unregulated area which will take time to mature and where same rules, laws, and regulations are applicable for everyone.

However, Europe is doing great progress and UK will very soon be one of the leading countries in cryptocurrencies and blockchain and London as a city with all history in financial services and Fintech will take a lead.

Best Regards

Mikael Olofsson

CEO PayRue

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