Career Path: How to Become a Solution Architect

The responsibility of a Solution Architect is to translate requirements of an idea into a technical architecture design that constitutes the blueprint for the solution. Solution architects play a significant role in ensuring the solution aligns and fits with enterprise systems and configurations. As such, they are deeply integrated into product development life cycles, roadmaps, and getting buy-in from cross functional teams.

Qualifications & Certifications

From recent job postings for Solution Architects, we know that 29% of Solution Architects need to know Cloud computing and 27% also need to know Integration. Other top required skills include Sql, Sdlc, Requirements Analysis and Enterprise Architecture.

Additionally, certain types of abstract thinking are sought after, especially the ability to identify patterns, recalling and adapting solutions that have worked in partly similar situations.

What about education?
 Based on ~250 profiles, 51% of Solution Architects have a Bachelors degree and 24% have a Masters degree and 1% have a PhD degree.

Where are the top jobs for Solution Architects?

Top companies hiring for Solution Architects
 Cognizant Technology
 Electronics for Imaging

Top cities hiring for Solution Architects
 San Francisco, CA
 San Diego, CA
 Austin, TX

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Solution Architect Salaries

The average base salary for a Solution Architect is $106,206 per year, ranging from $78,847 to $135,375. Salaries calculated from ~250 profiles.

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Originally published at on November 21, 2016.