Introducing CompanyRank, Helping Job Seekers and Employees Make Smarter Career Moves

It’s been said that when you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, you don’t get picky about your spot — you just jump on. The challenge is, you need to find that rocket ship! Today we’re excited to introduce Paysa CompanyRank, a new, interactive tool that gives professionals leading edge insight into which companies might be the next big thing.

CompanyRank measures the density of top technical talent at a company, then ranks companies by the density of this talent over a period of time.

Tech professionals can use CompanyRank to better understand how their current or a prospective employer stacks up against competitors for the best workers in tech today. These insights can provide much needed guidance during critical points in their career, such as when they’re up for a promotion or evaluating a new opportunity.

The tool also helps identify companies that may appear healthy but are beginning to decay from the inside out. Top tech workers tend to spot issues first and leave for better opportunities, even though they’re typically well compensated.

Anyone — not just job seekers or employees looking for insight — can use CompanyRank to compare any set of companies and discover things like:

  • Competitive advantage — whether one company has a high level of top tech talent compared with its competitors (and how that’s changed over time). Example: See Google Vs. Facebook
  • Emerging hotspots — growing companies where top tech workers are beginning to converge. Example: See Uber or SnapChat
  • Strongholds of tech talent — companies that have maintained a high level of tech talent over time. Example: See Google
  • Potential talent drains — whether a prospective employer is starting to see its best tech workers walk out the door. Example: See Yahoo

Here’s how it works: The tool generates a graph comparing the CompanyRank of each selected set of companies over the period of time you select, helping you easily spot which companies are acquiring and retaining top technology talent, and which companies are losing their best people.

It also features an up-to-date “Top 10,” spotlighting the companies with the strongest contingents of tech talent, as well as insights into the most popular searches.

To create CompanyRank, Paysa aggregated and analyzed 7.45 million job changes across 198,000 companies during the past 15+ years. Companies analyzed range from Silicon Valley tech standouts like Google, Pinterest, DropBox, Uber, Airbnb and Tesla Motors, to businesses like Bain, General Motors, American Airlines and Target. Companies with fewer than 100 employees are not included.

Our goal — both for Paysa and the new CompanyRank tool — is to bring data and clarity to career decisions, from what professionals should be earning and how they can increase their value, to understanding the depth of their current team — or one they’re considering joining.

However, it’s worth noting that CompanyRank has broader implications. It also can help investors and partners gain insights into the health of a company’s tech workforce, and make decisions accordingly. Watch this space for more about how the investment community is leveraging CompanyRank.

In the meantime, to learn more about optimizing your professional value, visit:

Originally published on on May 17th, 2016.

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