Introducing Watchlist: Now Bookmark the Mutual Fund Schemes of Your Choice!

At Paytm Money, we constantly strive towards making the investment process easier for you. We also understand that selection of the right Mutual Fund scheme to invest isn’t as easy a process as it sounds and also that browsing through the numerous scheme options can be time taking.

Considering these factors, we had received feedback from many of our users (and even existing investors of Mutual Funds) to add a “Watchlist” option on Paytm Money.

Our teams have now enabled the ‘Bookmark’ feature on the app. You can now bookmark funds of your choice while surfing through options. You can also remove the bookmarked options if they are no longer relevant to you.

Bookmark Funds in Watchlist section

It’s that easy! The funds which you wish to scan later for research can be viewed under the ‘Bookmarked’ list in the Watchlist section in the app.

And let’s assume you forget to bookmark a preferred fund, don’t worry because your last browsed mutual funds can also be tracked in the ‘Recently Viewed’ list in the Watchlist section of the Paytm Money app.

Recently Viewed Section

You can even bookmark funds that appear in your Recently Viewed list, or delete them from the list, as per your convenience. As always, its super simple on Paytm Money. :)

PS: If you are not able to see these features, we request you to download the latest version of Paytm Money apps for Android and iOS.

Hope you enjoy using the app even more with these helpful features. Please do share your feedback in the comments below.

Stay Invested with Paytm Money!