Live Now: Invest in Mutual Funds using UPI on Paytm Money

Experience faster investing like never before!

We are very excited to announce that you can now invest via UPI (Unified Payments Interface) on the Paytm Money app!

UPI as a payment method has become extremely popular in India for all forms of payments, and hence, was one of the most requested features from our investors. Now we are happy to bring this to you :)

How to invest using UPI:

  1. Install UPI payment App on your phone
    To complete the transaction via UPI, please ensure that you have a BHIM UPI supported payment app like Paytm (or any other app) installed on your phone.
  2. Ensure that you are making payment using the UPI ID or VPA, which is linked to your verified bank account on Paytm Money
    Please be aware that your registered & verified bank account (associated with Paytm Money) must be linked with your UPI ID (e.g amit@paytm or 98XX45XXX0@upi or name@upi), for a UPI Payment to be successful.

For security reasons: If you try to make UPI payments from non-linked bank account, your transaction will fail.

Here’s where you will see the UPI payment option on payment screen:

Steps to Invest via UPI

  1. Choose UPI in the payments section
  2. Select your preferred bank account
  3. Enter your UPI ID
  4. Authorize the transaction by entering your UPI pin on corresponding UPI app
  5. On confirmation of payment, your investment will be successful.

And you are done!

It takes only few seconds to make UPI based mutual fund investments on Paytm Money. Give it a try!

Our Proud Team that Made UPI Live for Investors

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Keep Investing!