Paytomat embraces food delivery industry with up to 1,500 merchants

Every month we’re trying to challenge ourselves and set new standards for cryptocurrency payment solutions.

Previously, we were focusing mostly on offline retail and HoReCa industries. However due to all the numerous requests from merchants we decided to expand into e-commerce.

In particularly, we partnered with the leading food delivery network in CIS to create a custom solution to start accepting cryptocurrency through their website. This is the biggest client we’ve had so far which is both a challenge and a huge opportunity to scale our clients base.

Existing customers will be able to use crypto as a new form of payment in the next couple of months due to development of technical module for Paytomat’s system.

About is a service that unites Ukrainian food delivery services from restaurants, cafes, online supermarkets and stores them in a single system. They enable customers to order food in real time from local establishments through one Internet portal. Such services are typically called aggregators, and are proven to be a working model for the last 15 years.

From pizza, sushi, burgers, pies to Mexican and Indian cuisine — you can easily order food from a number of restaurants with a few clicks. In turn, helps small businesses to appear on the Internet and establish their technology for processing online orders, for larger brands it helps establish additional sources of income.

Their team works daily to develop and improve the platform in order to become the main assistant in choosing and ordering food for any occasion: from simple gatherings with friends to festive and chic banquets.

About the industry

Online food delivery is a very bullish market that will only continue to grow in the next few years. Gradually people prefer to order food online, rather than go into a restaurant by themselves, which typically saves them a lot of time.

According to Statista, the top leaders in this particular category in 2017 were South Korea, UK and Japan. It’s not an accident that those are the most engaged markets in the blockchain space.