Media Lit Post #1 — Monopolization of Media

  1. After watching the documentary, “Shadows of Liberty” it is made clear that monopolization of media is damaging to our society. With one company or business being the owner of many other media outlets, the news that is delivered will become biased or one sided. The information they provide will lack creative and original thought, because the main idea of the message will be from one persons perception on the topic. For example, if a company were to come out with some sort of weight loss pill, only the positive effects would be shown and heavily weigh out any possible negatives. And if this corporation were to own different mediums that would inform the public of this new dietary supplement, they would be biased and provoke consumers to purchase this pill whether it was actually good or terrible for your body. With the way society is built today, we will never fully know the full truth to stories, because whomever wants to get a certain message across will make sure it is delivered in a way that you have no choice but to pick their side.
  2. From the knowledge I took away from the film, it would make more sense to have less monopolization of media. If these big companies that are producing biased news had less medium platforms to share their side/perception of a topic, it would allow other companies to reveal different ways to understand/interpret a message. There would be more creative voice within the news and more room for consumers to create their own opinion, rather than one made for them.
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