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One element that PayVX wants to address is identity theft. Merchants need usernames, passwords, payment details, and other personal details to deliver their services online. They usually keep hold of these information — which means there are or thousands of databases worldwide containing some of your most sensitive personal data.

In online world, we leave traces of our their personal details. No wonder the Web’s inventor, Tim Berners-Lee, said in March 2017 that “We have lost control of our personal data”.

Bring on PayVX. We uses blockchain technology what will give us the opportunity to store, share and pay in a completely new and safer way. This put the user in control. The existing data security model is clearly dead. Blockchain is the fundamental change we need to protect both consumers’ information and businesses’ reputations. …

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To beginners in the cryptoworld, here’s a step by step guide on how to create an Ethereum wallet so you can send, receive and store tokens.

This step by step guide will show you how to create a new MyEtherWallet. You will need a wallet to participate in the PayVX PreICO/ICO and others.

To know more about what a wallet is, in relation to cryptocurrency, or how they work, click here for a beginners guide. We recommended MyEtherWallet but there are other ERC20 compatible ones.

The reason we decided to use MyEtherWallet in this guide is because it’s very quick, easy, free and the most common wallet. …

What is PayVX?

PayVX is the world’s simplest, fastest and most secure payment technology. The provided crypto-currency escrow service builds a secure bridge and creates a trust relationship between both parties for online business transactions.

As crypto-currency transactions are irreversible, dealing with untrusted parties constitutes serious degree of risk for both buyers and sellers. PayVX effectively secures this process, ensuring confidence and trust for processing those operations.

What is PVX token?

PVX tokens are ERC-20 compliant tokens distributed on the Ethereum blockchain.

Is the PVX token a Utility or Security Token?

The PVX Token is not a Security Token since it is clearly stated within our White Paper that the Token is intended to be used via the PayVX Platform, thus it’s not an investment and neither does it provide any form of promises of future performance.The plan of the distribution clearly indicates that the PayVX token will support the PayVX ecosystem since it will be used for transactions within the PayVX platform. …


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