Why Payzus is a game changer?

The global financial market of the decentralized world is growing exponentially & becoming an integral part of our daily lives. With technological breakthroughs, an increasing number of businesses, entrepreneurs, and consumers are adopting blockchain technology for everyday life. Blockchain & Decentralized Finance is a new technology of our time & also essential for today’s modern life.

Payzus is a platform for the next generation of smart buyers & investors who wants to explore cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Our passion is to inform, educate, and create a global payment system for our community to improve accessibility, transparency & standards of the cryptocurrencies market.

To know more about Payzus (Click Here) -https://payzus.io/PAYZUS_WHITEPAPER.pdf

Payzus offer three services in a single ecosystem: Payzus Crypto Wallet & Debit Card, Market Analytics Product, and Blockchain academy.

Payzus Token Sale has launched on LATOKEN

Payzus tokens are available to buy at Latoken Exchange. LATOKEN is one of the top crypto exchanges that connect contributors and investors with entrepreneurs. It is rapidly growing as a leading platform for multi-asset tokenization and cryptocurrency exchange.

LATOKEN exchange mainly focuses on liquidity for new tokens. It has launched one of the fastest ERC20 decentralized exchanges.

Payzus public Token sale is live. To know more visit — https://go.latoken.com/28p


Name: PZS

Token Type: Erc-20

Token Price: $ 0.07

Token Supply: 300,00,000

What makes Payzus Token Unique?

High SPEED Transactions






Decentralized Platform

The Payzus team has rich experience in the development of blockchain systems. The team includes Mr. Raajessh kashyap (CEO & Founder –PAYZUS), Rose Kattimani (Co-Founder –PAYZUS) .They have in-depth research and understanding of the blockchain technology, decentralized finance, implementation difficulties, and solutions of high-performance and high-availability systems. Such experiences are unique and precious in the field of blockchain systems.

Cryptocurrencies have the ability to give power back to the people. Decentralized Payment Structure, security, mobility, Individual Ownership, Easier International payment system, and many other benefits make crypto more useful & convenient in daily life.

It seems that digital currency is reshaping every industry from real estate, finance, supply chain, health, etc. Hence we are creating a platform for everyone in the world that allows sending and receiving of cryptocurrency without any middleman (like a bank or payment processor). Our goal is to establish a decentralized blockchain-based platform for faster and more secure transactions.

If you haven’t done it yet, please register to get your Payzus Token Today.

Link — https://go.latoken.com/28p

Payzus has a vision to create an ecosystem that makes it easier to use crypto currencies, facilitates routine purchases, and a single wallet for daily use.

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