Remember back in the days when you were a kid? Living wild and free, and full of wander. You would pretend to be a famous actor or actress, a cop, a superhero, a rock star, or anything you fancied. You would transform yourself instantly and have so much fun imagining all the possibilities of what you could become.

You might have performed shows in front of your family and friends, or interviewed your friends on a talk show that you created, maybe even pretended to be a teacher and turned all your friends into your students.

You would create magic moments out of nothing.

Then you grew up. Life got serious and well playtime is over. Who has time for play anyway? You get up in the morning and just feel, blah or worse yet you feel like you’ve lost your way, your muchness, your passion for life, your True North?

Truth be told, you’re not alone.

Capital One recently conducted a national survey and found that 77% of Americans have taken a job that didn’t align with their interests, ambitions and long term goals. It came down to “it’s just a job” vs living the life of their dreams.

Something has got to give.

Your life is not just another “job”

I’m here to remind you that your potential, your dreams, and your visions are still within you. Who you are today is not who you have to be tomorrow, you have a choice to create your life the way you picture it to be.

“It’s never too late”.

Although, sometimes it’s hard to become what you don’t see in yourself anymore.

Until today.

You get to play again. You get a chance at re-creating yourself.

You get to Brand yourself for who you want to become, so you can see it to achieve it.

Here are a few actions you can take today to drive you closer to becoming the person you were created to be.

After all, isn’t you life worth another shot?


Have a clear vision for the kind of successful person you want to become. It’s easier to reach a goal if you know what it is and if you can see it. Brand yourself as the person you’re thriving to Become.

Is it a Success Coach? A famous actress? A New York Times best seller? Wonder woman?

Capture yourself in that likeness and create a new VISION portrait one that gives you a mark to strive for and is aligned with your new goals and dreams.

> Keep it in sight and let the power of your Vision portrait change your life.


Having a branded vision for who you want to become is a great way to emotionally connect you with your goal, have a clear target and create a path towards achieving it. Yeah, sorry it’s not magic, you will have to participate in creating your Branded Vision. The trick is to not get distracted by the shiny object syndrome that takes away your focus and wastes your time on survival busyness.

Like spending hours watching Netflix, on Social Media, or any other distractions that may keep you from achieving your goals.

> Do you want to see results? Commit to achieving your vision consistently and Follow One Course Until Success.


To grow you must COMMIT to your vision at 100% and remember that every YES that you take is driving you closer to achieving it. Learn to say YES to a new mindset, YES to chance, YES to opportunity, YES to learning new skills, YES to Success, YES to your Higher Level, YES to growth, YES to getting back up every time you fall and giving it one more shot.

> Go ahead. It’s safe to Commit to your goals and dreams.


You’re ultimately responsible for creating your success and sharing your gifts with the world. Your excuses will never run out, but your time will. No matter what your starting point is, take daily action by doing something aligned with your vision of success.

> Excuses won’t make it happen. Do something.


You are where you are today because of your “OLD” habits that keep you in your comfort zone, where it may be safe, but it’s not where success lives. Your ability to master yourself is the most important single quality that you can develop as a person. You have the power to make that decision, right now, to define and develop “NEW’ the habits that will lead you to great success in the future.

> Stick with your “NEW” habits.

Each one of you has a special gift, a one of a kind talent, an emerging potential seeking to express itself through you. You can start where you are, regardless of the condition you’re in, wether you’re ill, in a bad job, or limited in your finances, all you need is to do is commit to your creating your life the way you picture it to be and take one step each day in the direction of your Vision.

One day soon, you will look back and realize that you’ve come to a great distance from your “OLD” self.

See you at the TOP.

Want to spark up your goals and dreams again? Take action.

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