Most common birthdate in a year!

I was intrigued by a question, what could be the most common birthdate among my friends? So I searched among 1000 odd friends I have on Facebook. Turns out that September month has highest number of birthday, 84, rest all months have more or less average 65–75.

Most common dates are:

15th September: 8 birthdays

20th September: 8 birthdays and

10th October: 8 birthdays

Then I started thinking what could be the most common birthdate world over?

I may sound jobless, but apparently, Harvard has carried out a research on this too.

Their research reveals 16th September as the most common birthdate. Some other research says 9th or 10th September is the most common. This of course is for US population.

Some reference on the internet shows 26th September as most common birthdate for UK.

Another reference, indicates May and June to be most common birth months for India. This data set shows remarkably less number of birthdays August onwards.

What do you think, how common is your birthdate?

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