Jazmin Chebar chose the Cappasity platform to deliver 3D shopping experience to its online customers

With one of the highest rates of entrepreneurship in the world, Argentina has produced flourishing and vibrant fashion talents. Speaking of innovation in the fashion industry, it has been one of the busiest countries in South America over the last decade. E-commerce is growing more popular every day. While ten years ago most consumers felt uncomfortable buying online, today 67% prefer shopping on websites. According to statistics, online sales in Argentina exceeded USD 6.8 bn in 2016.

The fashion industry in Argentina reached its peak in the 90s, during a very tough economic crisis, when the dominant national fashion brands of today began to bloom, Jazmín Chebar among them.

Today, Jazmín Chebar is one of the best-known Argentinean designers, creating clothes for women that are edgy while remaining soft and feminine. She owns a fashion line of the same name which retails her distinct designs.

The first store opened in Buenos Aires in 1997, and two years later Jazmín Chebar started exporting to the US. Since 1999, the designer has been working with Claudio Drescher, a famous fashion entrepreneur, to set and implement a development strategy to promote the brand as a symbol of quality, exclusivity, and personality. Today, Jazmín Chebar has 14 exclusive stores in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, and Bolivia.

According to Style Total, the brand represents a “balance between sophistication and humor which gives it a characteristic unique style.” In an attempt to catch the fleeting and colorful moments of life, the designer boldly mixes various patterns and styles in her collections like, for example, a cheetah-print top accented with red lace or a funky handbag covered in metallic studs.

Modern business models are rushing to conquer the fashion industry, bringing the IoT, digital marketing, AR/VR and other innovative technologies to every stage of the value chain.

To stay on top, Jazmín Chebar welcomes cutting-edge technologies to ensure customers can enjoy all the possibilities brought about by this new age of digital business technology. The Cappasity platform provides 360-degree and 3D product photography to show goods in action, producing essential visual information to help customers make the decision to purchase. It adds a new dimension to the online shopping experience while stimulating in-store shopping experiences as well.

3D images are proven to increase engagement and conversion over static images by up to 30%. Download ‘3D Imaging Market Research’ for more information.

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